On-line fault registration

System faults can be localised on-line world wide, as required by our clients. The monitoring is done thruw a specially dedicated router which is... ...

Our service department

There is a breakdown service on stand-by at Railtechniek during normal working hours.

Spare parts

In almost any case, a package of spare parts is provided, for large systems and high reliabiltity in particular.

Maintenance manuals

The maintenance of a transport track begins on the day of final completion and start of use.

Delivery and assembly

Railtechniek delivers and assembles all their systems under their own management.

Guarantee certificate

Railtechniek provides written guarantees on a transport system in accordance with Dutch Metalworking Union conditions.


Since January 1996, there has been necessary to have rail circuits with a dropsection and powered systems certified by recognised installer on an... ...

Extending operating life

Good maintenance and effective installation management can considerably extend the useful operating life of an installation.